Becoming Uberman: First steps into Polyphasic sleeping

I first read about polyphasic dreaming years ago, from a post written by the author Puredoxyk. If you’re not familiar with the term Polyphasic Sleeping, it simply means splitting up your sleep into multiple sessions. A monophasic schedule in comparison is what we’re all familiar with, where a person sleeps for a large chunk of time (6–8 hours) With a polyphasic schedule, the person would split their one chunk of sleep into small naps spread evenly throughout the day. There are actually multiple types of polyphasic sleeping, but without making things too complicated I’ll focus on the most popular version; the Uberman Sleep Schedule.

Uberman Sleep Schedule

The Uberman Sleep Schedule is what I’m currently adapting to, and it’s quite a tough one to get used to! In this schedule, a person gets 2 hours of sleep everyday. These 2 hours of sleep are separated into 6, 20 minute naps every 4 hours. My schedule begins at 9 am, where I’ll for 20 minutes and wake up a 9.20 am. After that, I proceed with my day as usual for 4 hours. At 1 pm, I go back to sleep and the process is repeated.

9 am – 1 pm – 5 pm – 9 pm – 1am – 5 am

So what are the benefits to this schedule? Its simple, time! With two hours of sleep, I get 22 hours of wake time. These 22 hours can be filled whatever. Exercise, reading, work, meditation, anything you’d usually do awake can be done more. I’d like to say I was productive during these 22 hours, but most of the time is spent struggling to stay awake. However, this is normal as the adaptation phase takes 1–2 weeks. I expect that once my body gets used to it, i’ll be able to jump straight to REM sleep during my naps and wake up refreshed. In fact, I’m on my second week and I’ve noticed that it’s getting a lot easier to stay awake and sleep according to the schedule.

As this is still an ongoing process, I’ll update this blog with reports and thoughts in the future. I plan on sleeping Polyphasically for the entirety of 2015, so wish me luck!