A Conversation

I had an interesting conversation with a stranger today. We talked about life, and how one person can be born into wealth, while another can be born into poverty. She lamented on the unfairness of it all, and that got me thinking…

There are a million factors in our lives that we can’t control, especially at birth. Heck, none of us asked to be born in the first place. We simply are. We make do with the hand that’s dealt to us. You can’t blame a person born with extremely good looks, who uses his physical traits to succeed in life, anymore than you can blame someone born with brains and eventually becomes a millionaire at Silicon Valley.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that society puts more value on one over the other. But you’re guaranteed to have an easier time changing yourself over changing public perception. Complaining about it won’t get you any closer to happiness. Put the work in, and success will come. You might not have access to shortcuts that others are brought into this world with, but you’ll get there in the end.