Interstellar is a flawed movie.  A flawed movie worth watching twice.

Yes, it’s not perfect. Ask anyone and they’ll proudly point out all the flaws and plot holes of Nolan’s newest movie.

But there are a hundred different reasons why I fell in love with this movie. Heck, most of them aren’t even related to the genre itself.

What I enjoyed most out of this movie was the underlying theme of love. Strip away all the elements of time-travel and science fiction, and what you get is a movie about a promise. A promise made between a father and his daughter. This single promise drives the entire movie forward, and is what separates it from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Yes, Kubrick’s masterpiece is undeniably the better science fiction movie. I doubt you’ll find anyone arguing that. But what 2001 lacked was human warmth. I never connected with any of the characters, never really cared for their motivations. Nolan recognizes this, and has adapted his movie to suit todays world.  A world where the average moviegoer is no longer dazzled by expensive visual effects and massive explosions.


Despite it’s weaknesses, Interstellar is my favorite movie of 2014. Praise this movie for it’s strengths, and love it for it’s faults.