Android Lollipop & One M8


Lollipop has been out for quite a while now. However, releases have been limited to Nexus devices, the LG G3 and (surprisingly) the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Fortunately, clever developers from Skydragon have released a GPE Lollipop rom for HTC One M8 users.

I took the risk of unlocking and rooting my M8 to test this out. Installation was a bit tricky, and I almost had a heart attack when my phone’s internal memory was wiped.

I won’t bore you with all of Lollipop’s new features, but below are some of my favorites.

  • Lock screen notifications

Finally! Something I’ve missed from IOS for ages.  Android now displays all notifications on the lock screen, regardless of the application.

  • Chrome tabs in App Switcher

I can’t get over how awesome this is.  I no longer have to strain my thumb to switch tabs :)

  • Material Design

It’s gorgeous. IOS 7 impressed me with it’s revamped aesthetics, but Lollipop takes the crown when it comes to design. I’ve always felt like IOS prioritized looks over function, and I’m happy that Google balanced everything together nicely. Material Design complements Android’s deep functionalities.


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